May 14, 2009

Common Merganser Chicks

There are ten Common Merganser chicks and two Canada Goose goslings at "Merganser Pond" in Lyons. Two of the merganser chicks were riding on the adult female's back, while the rest were swimming right behind.  There are two Canada Goose nests that I know about near Merganser Pond.  One of the nests is on the bank of the river.  One of those eggs did not hatch. The other nest is at the shore of Merganser Pond and those two eggs hatched successfully.  I think that the two goslings shown in the first photo hatched at the pond. We don't know where the Common Mergansers nested. I've been going by the pond to photograph the mergansers almost every time we go to town.  They are a lot of fun to watch!

Photos by Joel Such

Common Mergansers and Canada Geese
with their chicks.

Common Merganser chicks watching adult dive.

Common Merganser with chicks.

Common Merganser with chicks.


Laurie said...

Beautiful shots of the Merganser & chicks. The little ones are so cuddly! Is this a common number of chicks? Seems like a LOT.

Ali Iyoob said...

That is so cool! I love how they are carried on the mothers back.